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INTEC awarded development contract from European Defence Agency

Personnel Recovery Functional Area Service

Wilhelmshaven (03-20-2015) In December 2014, on behalf of the participating Member States, the European Defence Agency in Brussels has assigned INTEC the task to develop a system for planning and managing Personnel Revovery operations in multinational headquarters.

Opening of the new INTEC Branch in Wilhelmshaven

In February 2014 the new INTEC branch in Wilhelmshaven was established.

In our facilities in Parkstraße no. 1 in Wilhelmshaven we provide a wide range of services in the area of Software-Engineering for our customers.



INTEC Industrial Technologies was founded in 1999 in Dietramszell near Munich. For many years we have been a reliable and capable partner in the fields of aeronautical engineering, automotive engineering and naval systems engineering.

Our highly motivated employees are dedicated to our customers' needs and proficient with state-of-the-art equipment and tools.



It is the successful combination of ideas, style, design and development in consideration of function, ergonomics, look and feel, and quality - which characterizes INTEC Industrial Technologies as a reliable partner for the automotive industry.
Our activities in the automotive sector focus on development.

Our competences cover the entire development process, starting from the design through conceptualization and production development up to maintenance of entire model series after start of production.



Success requires professionalism, years of experience and in-depth market knowledge. This, combined with the high performance of our employees is our base to develop innovative interior solutions for the aviation industry.

Our project teams are familiar with all national and international regulations and standards concerning materials and design.
Our services in the aviation industry primarily  cover the development of components and systems as well as their integration and technical documentation.
This applies to both the military and civilian sector.



Professional expertise, years of experience on naval vessels and the commitment of our employees are the foundation for our success in the naval sector.
Our employees, all experienced sailors, are trained to meet our customers' needs and wishes and are very familiar with the standards used in this area of engineering and operation. Our portfolio ranges from development and design to procurement of components and technical documentation on board. Additionally, software engineering for complex systems as well as simulations are within our core competences.




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