INTEC provides a new automated Interface for processing technical documentation to holographic technical documentation, AR supported training and holographic guidance for Aircraft MRO.

Whatch our video: XR-supported pre-flight check on an aircraft


In this video you can whatch a person wearing a XR-device. The person is preparing the MÜ30 Schlacro aricraft for operation and executing the pre-flight check.

  • The procedure starts with initialisation of the device. The device scans the environment and recognises the aircraft.
  • After that we can integrate the 3D-model (CAD-data) into the scene.
  • Now the mechanic can perform the pre-flight-check and will be guided by step-by-step instructions.
  • These instructions come from the ASD S1000D common source data base of the aircraft, where the maintenance instructions are stored and normally used for interactive electronic technical documentation.
  • The device can highlight parts of the aircraft such as the fuel tank cap which has to be checked before flight.
  • If the mechanic has performed a task he can mark the task as "done" and a electronic report will be written and archived.

Our soulution makes the best of the existing data.


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