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We are a reliable partner for our employees and customers.
Our success is based on trust, integrity and respect.

  • 19991999Foundation of INTEC Industrie-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

    INTEC was founded by Michael Phillipps, Reinhard Baranowski, Ralf Franz and David Weber as an independent engineering company in Dietramszell / Lochen. At the same time, the first branch office was opened in Poing.

  • 20052005Opening of our second Branch Office in Laupheim

    The second branch of INTEC was opened in Laupheim. Here we have been dedicated to the development of aircraft cabins and components since then.

  • 20082008Opening of our Branch Office in Donauwörth

    In 2008, INTEC's third branch was opened in Donauwörth. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to the development and support of helicopters in the Helicopter Technology Park.

  • 20102010Opening of our Branch Office in Manching

    We have been represented in our Manching branch since 2010, where we service fixed-wing aircraft such as the P3-C ORION.

  • 20132013Move from Poing to Munich

    In 2013, we decided to give up our original location in Poing and move to Munich, closer to our important customer. From Munich we can serve the projects of our automotive customer even better.

  • 20142014Opening of our Branch Office in Kiel und Wilhelmshaven

    In 2014, we expanded our industry portfolio to include marine systems engineering and at the same time opened our branches in Kiel and Wilhelmshaven.

  • 20142014Fundation of Integueri GmbH

    Together with our partner tagueri AG, we founded our joint subsidiary Integueri GmbH in 2014, which offers customized design solutions for our joint customer.

  • 20162016Opening of our Branch Office in Rostock und Augsburg

    In 2016, we continued to expand successfully and opened offices in Rostock and Augsburg. Both offices focus on the technical documentation of industrial applications.

  • 20192019Opening of our Branch Office in Koblenz

    In order to be able to support public client projects even more optimally and efficiently, we opened our office in Koblenz in 2019.

  • 20202020New Shareholder

    After Michael Phillipps left the company, Daniel Baranowski, Daniel Sieve and Christian Kuwer joined the company as new shareholders.

Since its foundation in 1999, people have been at the center of INTEC’s entrepreneurial thinking and actions. In this context, social commitment to employees is given the same importance as relationships with customers, suppliers, service providers, partner companies, interested parties and the environment.
Unsere Dienstleistungen bieten wir unseren Kunden, die zu den besten in ihrer Branche gehören, an. Durch besten Service und professionelle Dienstleistungen sind wir in der Lage, unseren Kunden einen Mehrwert zu liefern, der zur Stärkung deren Wettbewerbsfähigkeit nötig ist. Die unmittelbare Nähe zu unseren Kunden ist eines unserer wichtigsten Anliegen. Aus diesem Grunde sind wir mit unseren Niederlassungen und Projektbüros auch dort vor Ort, wo unsere Leistungen benötigt werden. Dies sichert schnelle und hervorragende Lösungen.

We strive for a long-term partnership with both our customers and our employees based on mutual respect and trust. In our view, integrity and honesty form the best basis for the future-oriented development of our business areas.

Die Verfolgung jeglicher Visionen ist nur mit motivierten und engagierten Mitarbeiter möglich. Unser Ziel ist es daher, ein Betriebsklima zu schaffen, in dem sich jeder Mitarbeiter individuell wohl fühlen kann. Die Anerkennung individueller Leistungen, das Einräumen von Entscheidungsspielräumen, die Förderung von Initiative und Kreativität und die Möglichkeit zur optimalen Aus- und Weiterbildung bilden die Grundlage der Unternehmensphilosophie, die auf traditionelle Werte zählt und deren Eckpfeiler moralische und ethische Grundsätze sind.

In order to provide the highest possible value to our customers, we work with experienced partners in specific areas of expertise. These are among others:


The INTEGUERI GmbH is a joint venture of INTEC together with Tagueri AG from Hamburg. Together, we develop specific interior solutions for commercial aircraft as a 1st tier supplier and offer further comprehensive engineering services.

The AUCOTEC AG develops engineering software for CAD / CAE – applications. In particular, we work closely with AUCOTEC in the field of wiring system development and electrical system development. We use the AUCOTEC software “Engineering Base” and provide worldwide support for the HIM interface (Harness Integration Manager).

Our Management Team

Reinhard Baranowski

Managing Director

Founder & Head of Marine Systeme

Ralf Franz

Managing Director

Founder & Head of Automotive Sales

Daniel Sieve

Authorized signatory

Head of Aeronautics

Christian Kuwer

Authorized signatory

Head of Finance & Administration